What Makes

Us Unique

As a company, our mission and vision is underpinned by our uncompromising dedication to our core values (excellence, passion, innovation and partnerships) and that is expressed in everything we do.

We want to empower our customers and believe in building strength through partnerships, by providing personalised, innovative and sustainable solutions that simplify the connected supply chain and allow our customers to focus on their business rather than logistics.

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by providing uncompromised and personalised service to our customers. Our team of logistic problem-solvers, are dedicated to providing flexible and affordable end-to-end logistics solutions customised to your business’ specific needs.

We apply a high-level of focus on order accuracy and accountability from inception to destination. Our goal is a seamless partnership that delivers confidence, removes risk and provides a level of customisation unique to our customers.

Specialist air, ocean and road freight forwarding & clearing solutions

Extensive ground logistics distribution infrastructure

State-of-the-art, fully automated, paperless warehousing facilities

Supply optimised, individual supply chain management solutions

Our Values


What we do, we do well. We strive for excellence in everything we do and are committed to maintain a high-quality service offering that continually exceeds the expectations of our customers.


Passion is at the heart of our business. We are passionate about our people, our customers and the difference we make. We use this drive and commitment to energise, engage and inspire, because when you’re passionate about something, challenges are easy to overcome.


Thinking differently is in our DNA. Our technology empowers our customers and we are constantly looking at ways to innovate and push boundaries - ensuring that we stay on the cutting edge and provide a world-class service.


Our strength lies within our partnerships. From our people to our customers, and our partners to our suppliers. We understand and value the importance of developing strong partnerships across all areas of our business.


Xeon’s connected and integrated systems provide flexible, automated support and helps improve visibility and transparency throughout your supply chain. With increased productivity, minimised costs and reduced errors, our technology-based systems are guaranteed to take your business to new levels.

At Xeon, we understand that agility is the key to surviving a rapidly changing market. Our pioneering WMS and TMS systems are designed to empower you to take control of your warehouse and transport operations, and help you keep up with ever-changing demand.

Our systems are offered in a singular SAP platform, which allows for full integration, track and traceability between warehouse storage and transport distribution, with full customised functionality:

Batch and expiry date control

Serial number tracking

Material resource planning

Document flow

Document retention

Full traceability in the event of product recall

Bill of material (“BoM”)

At Xeon, we don’t see ourselves as your logistics service provider – we are an extension of your business. Our objective is to connect systems, people and processes with an end-to-end solution that offers visibility, collaboration and intelligence.

Through our global, web-based communication channel – Customer Connect, we conveniently offer our customers access to real-time information, including:

Customised reports

Online order creation and review

Delivery status – including order creation, pick, dispatch and delivered

Real-time POD retrieval

Inventory viewing

Xeon employs API (data interfaces) for seamless and efficient Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) with our anchor clients.

Xeon’s API’s caters for the following:

ASN In-bound – two-way flow

Out-bound – two-way flow

Master data

Inventory reconciliation daily

Stock transfer using movement types.

Xeon by the numbers

sqm of floor storage

sqm of outdoor storage

ambient storage bins

cold storage bins

Bond storage bins

sqm of out-of-gauge storage