The complete solution

Supply chain management

Xeon supplies optimised, individual supply chain management solutions designed around each customer’s individual requirements, with an enhanced focus on innovation and integration.

We understand there is no blueprint for supply chain, which is why we offer a bespoke supply chain solution that creates value, helps build a strong infrastructure, synchronises demand and supply and develops quality measurement and monitoring tools.

Our supply chain solutions are efficient and focus on process optimisations within your business – with considerable emphasis placed on cost savings and continuous improvements.

Driven by a knowledgeable team of industry professionals, Xeon provides customers with value-added services that include, but are not limited to, supply chain management solutions.
These services allow our clients to gain a competitive edge within their relevant markets, including:


  • Corporate structures
  • Industry changing technology (best-in-class)
  • BEE optimisation
  • Supplier and enterprise development
  • Employment equity
  • Procurement
  • Socio-economic investment

Xeon’s supply chain management solution includes

  • Business analysis – examining your business to understand how it works, in order to develop a detailed supply chain management design
  • Detailed planning – designing facilities, means of transport, best transport routes and then optimising all of the above
  • Implementation – implementing a custom-designed supply chain, including intelligent software to easily manage it
  • Quality control and management – with Xeon’s intelligent software solutions your supplies and demand status and chain of transportation is always ‘on’ and accessible – 24/7/365

Compliance and regulatory

 Level 1 B-BBEEE status, with black female ownership     ISO 9001:2015 certification    SAHPRA certification    Health and safety compliance

 Continuous improvement quality management system    Customs bond store and road-bond service    Insurance comprehensive risk, public liability and GIT