Safely storing your product


Xeon operates state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled, paperless warehousing facilities that are both on-site and off-site.

Warehouses are strategically situated nationwide and close to all major air and seaports. This ensures Xeon customers can provide multi-regional stocking locations – enabling local delivery and reducing operational costs.

Our services are designed around each client’s individual requirements, focusing on innovation and integrated solutions. We distinguish ourselves from competitors as a “managed services” company that operates in partnership with its customers.

National distribution network

Xeon has a national presence in all major provinces of South Africa.

Reduce warehouse costs

  • Labour
  • Operations
  • Equipment
  • Technology
  • Facility
  • Compliance standards
  • Security

Boost control & visibility

  • Live stock monitoring & reporting
  • 24/7 accessibility to information & insights
  • Reduced stock shrinkage

Increase product productivity

  • Real-time inventory processing
  • State-of-the-art warehouse setup
  • Paperless warehouse management
  • Standardised processes

Enhance flexibility & scalability

  • Scalability on demand
  • Automated high volume processing
  • Improved cycle times

Pioneering game-changing solutions

Xeon’s use of best practice technology facilitates bespoke business solutions that seamlessly manage your specific requirements:

  • Temperature controlled – fresh, chilled and frozen
  • SAP-customised Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS), with same platform integration into the transport management system (TMS)
  • Process integration into any external system using Application Programme Interface (API) and Electronic Data
  • Interchange (EDI) integration
  • Real-time environment monitoring using live mobility touchpoint scanning
  • Blind picking and checking using hand-held scanning devices to ensure accuracy
  • Narrow-aisle racking system with state-of-the-art automated handling equipment

Compliance and regulatory

 Level 1 B-BBEEE status, with black female ownership     ISO 9001:2015 certification    SAHPRA certification    Health and safety compliance

 Continuous improvement quality management system    Customs bond store and road-bond service    Insurance comprehensive risk, public liability and GIT

  • Warehouse management system (WMS) which seamlessly transitions to the transport management system (TMS), on the same platform
  • Sophisticated batch management system
  • Material resource planning- to ensure sufficient buffer stock and regional distribution.
  • Order status – including order creation, pick, dispatch
  • Stock holding – by material, batch and bin
  • Container unload and handballing of loose stock on pallets
  • Palletised and block-stock (unpalletised) storage
  • Batch management which considers the production date, de-hibernation period, maturation duration, sell-by date and expiry date when allocating batches according to client-dictated inventory management methods (LIFO, FIFO and FEFO)
  • Put-aways onto system using SAP-dictated, stocker, put-away system
  • Fine and bulk picking
  • Material resource planning (MRP)
  • Reworking and co-packing (creation of BoMs)
  • Management of CHEP and brown pallets on in and outbound items
  • Loading for export containers
  • Automated daily reports – stock on hand, stock movements, invoices, returns, etc
  • Temperature controlled warehousing – ambient, chilled, fresh and frozen

Xeon by the numbers

sqm of Floor Storage

sqm of Outdoor Storage

Bond Storage Bins

Uncontrolled Temperature Bins

Controlled Temperature: Frozen (- 25 deg)

Controlled Temperature: Fresh (+-5 deg)

Controlled Temperature: Ambient (+- 15 deg)