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Connecting Systems, People and Processes

Xeon is the only truly integrated logistics service provider in South Africa, offering all the services along the supply chain continuum, internally.  These service divisions include:

  • Trade finance for international trade
  • Freight forwarding & clearing
  • Warehousing
  • Order2Cash business process management
  • Transport distribution.

Each of the functioning divisions engages with the previous division, handing over the product and documentation to facilitate its movement in a continuous chain of events and take different responsibilities when holding the product in their respective possession through the value chain.

Xeon’s distinguishing characteristics, from our competitors, are our:

  • Singular ERP information technology platform across all business divisions
  • Fully automated paperless business processes and reporting in real time
  • Consistent achievement of 99.5% OTIF service levels
  • Integrated end-to-end supply chain logistics services, shown diagrammatically below.

Xeon’s integrated logistics supply chain continuum

Xeon freight forwarding - mobile

Trade Finance

International financing of product

Xeon freight forwarding - mobile

Freight Forwarding & Clearing

International carriage of product

Xeon freight forwarding - mobile


Warehousing of product across South Africa

Xeon freight forwarding - mobile

Order to Cash

Business Process Outsourcing

Xeon freight forwarding - mobile


Delivery of product to end customers

Click to view Supply Chain Continuum diagram

Xeon logistics supply chain continuum