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Xeon provides multi-temperature cold chain controlled warehousing and distribution solutions nationally


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Xeon provides multi-temperature controlled warehousing nationally for both primary bulk pallet handling, and secondary pick and pack distribution for retail and pharmaceutical distribution.

This multi-temperature warehousing solution is supported by our large fleet of refrigerated motor vehicles.  We focus on following temperature range spectrums, minus 25 degrees Celsius, plus 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, and plus 18 degrees Celsius.

Our centralised control tower manages and monitors our national primary and secondary distribution, including temperature monitoring of motor vehicles whilst on-road, tracking and tracing.  As part of our product offerings, we provide leading visibility and monitoring solutions for real-time decisions through embedded location and temperature IoT devices.

Our multi-temperature solution is used extensively for pharmaceutical medicine and devices, with SAPHRA cold-chain compliance for both warehousing and transportation. Our entire business operations is managed to pharmaceutical and food grade operating standards.

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